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How would you like to turn your kids faces into creepy zombies or vampires to decorate for Halloween?! This course is done in Photoshop CC. You need to know how to use photoshop. I show you one example of a Vampire and one example of a Zombie. Each takes about 12 min to complete. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Link for the eyelash brush:

Sorry I didn't mention at the beginning of the video that your colors need to be black and white in the color pallet for you to paint with the quick mask tool. And black needs to be on top. Also you can use any brush to paint with just make sure it isn't too hard. My slider was in the middle.

Keyboard shortcuts that I used on a mac:

Command D to deselect.

The Bracket key [ to make the brush bigger and ] to make it smaller.

To inverse the file: Shift, Command, i.

Katie Moss

Katie Moss


Course Includes

1 Video

1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Learning how to turn faces into Zombies and Vampires using photoshop!