Course description

A lot of photographers have asked me how I get tweens and teens to look natural in family photos. It's TOUGH, trust me, but it's not impossible to get older kids to relax and enjoy a family session. A lot of it is how you interact with them. I have created a video that shows the difference of how I photograph a family with older kids compared to photographing a family with younger kids. Bottom line, they are just two completely different sessions. Watch me as I teach you tips and tricks with working with different ages!

I cover the following:

  • Camera settings and what lenses I am using.
  • Time of day I am shooting (I photographed the two families back to back)
  • I give examples of games I play or things I say to get people to laugh or relax.
  • Tips on how to work with backlight.
  • Getting dad on board.
  • Working with kids that are high energy.
  • Posing to make everyone look natural and connected.
  • Length: 1 Hour 20 minutes.
Angie Monson

Angie Monson

Photographing Families

Course Includes

1 Video

5 PDFs

1.5 hrs